Meet Morganite. This incredibly sweet and well behaved dog was found in Mexico hanging from a chain so short she could not put her front legs down on the ground. Now she is safe with us and loving her new life. She does well with other dogs and loves playing with little dogs or dogs … Continued


Meet Wilhelm. This guy was found as a stray and its clear he had been on the streets for a long time. His dirty, matted coat and tick infested body tell the story of neglect. But those days are over and he’s about to get a brand new start. Despite his rough past he is … Continued


Monkey came into the shelter in rough shape.  One look at him and it was clear he had spent the first part of his young life deprived of medical care and – kindness.  He was suffering from a severe case of mange, his lymph nodes were swollen and he had secondary infections. We took care … Continued


Henderson was found lying on the street – he was on the verge of death. His skeletal body was brought to the shelter where they sent out an email blast for rescues to help this very ill puppy.  He was suffering from bacterial pneumonia. After 5 days in the hospital – he went to a … Continued


We saw Turducken’s photo at the Lancaster shelter.  She was emaciated and totally shut down.  It was clear her former life had been one of neglect and sadness.  We wanted to turn things around for her. After we got her the required medical care – she began to put weight on.  Her gentle, loving personality … Continued


Sweet Lollipop.  We took one look at her sad, dejected face and knew we wanted to help. Lollipop was adopted from the shelter – and returned a few months later after her forever humans decided to move and not take her along.  Her sadness was palpable. In addition to being returned to the shelter – … Continued


We received a call about a hoarding situation. The person in questions apparently had 20 plus poodle mixes living in one room, covered in filth and totally neglected.  We were able to take Finnigan and a mom with her puppies.  When we first met him we could hardly touch him.  His fur was matted with … Continued


Peaches (and Cream) were surrendered to the shelter in a cardboard box.  They were both covered in ticks and fleas and were just a few hours from becoming critical due to blood loss.  As soon as we saw their photo we hired someone to make the 2 hour drive to San Bernardino and got them … Continued


We kept seeing a plea go out on Facebook for this adorable terrier boy.  Though we love helping the medical dogs -we had just taken on some serious cases and were hoping another rescue would step up.  But – nobody did.  How could we not help him?  Poor puppy had two broken legs and had … Continued


Her photo says it all.  We rescued Lyric from the Riverside shelter.  She was turned in there in horrific condition – with mange so severe she could not even open her eyes and had secondary infections.  It took time but slowly she began to recover – her hair started growing back – and she started … Continued