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Love Leo Rescue is a non-profit based in Los-Angeles.
We believe dogs deserve a second chance.



Meet Reggie. This gorgeous, blue Olde English Bulldog mix has been patiently waiting a forever home. He’s about 60 lbs, 1.5 years old and has a typical, happy go lucky bulldog personality. He loves to meet new people and looks down the block as you walk – hoping to meet a new friend to greet and wag his tail for. On a regular basis – people will pull over in their cars and tell us what a beautiful dog he is. He does well with older, calm dog but would probably do better as an only dog due to his energetic nature. He loves going for long walks and hikes and requires an active home.
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Why Beasty ?

Why we mourn. We lost a very special little dog the other night. There was a horrible accident with the neighbor’s dog, and the result, death is so final. I could go on describing how wonderful, personal, inquisitive, and charming Beasty was, or how much love and joy she gave us. Actually I want to […]

RIP Beasty !

She is gone. I don’t know how I am writing this as I still can’t believe it’s real. Anyone that knew her knew she had a larger than life personality. She was a sparkling, precious gem full of kisses and sweetness. A shooting star that rained glitter and happiness on everyone she met. She had […]


LoveLeo receive a wonderful write up in the online news service commenting on our work spay and neutering dogs and cats. To quote “ Tijuana.- Love Leo Rescue es una organización que ayuda a salvar la vida de perros enfermos, heridos, maltratados y olvidados que nació en la ciudad de Los Ángeles, California y […]

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Adoptable Dogs


Meet Hutch. You can see in his regal and wise face what he must have been like in his heyday. He was probably purchased as a young pup – with his entire life ahead of him. But the 5 years he spent as an outdoor dog in a heartless person’s yard took a toll on […]


Meet Polly. She is a 5 month old Pitbull mix who was bought outside of a shopping mall by someone that was unable to keep her. She is now safe with us and doing great. Polly is sweet and sociable and good with all dogs. She would probably be fine with cats too with the […]


Meet Spartacus. This 6 month old German Shepherd boy was saved from the literal brink of death. He was found by a good Samaritan on the side of the road in Tijuana. He had been hit by a car and had a broken let, a horrible case of mange, was dehydrated and emaciated. He found […]


Meet Cinnamon. She’s a micro Pitbull who found herself at the shelter after she was hit by a car. Nobody came to claim her and after spending a few weeks at the shelter – she found her way to safety here at Love Leo. She is a gentle, happy 2 year old Pitbull who does […]


Meet Linus. This sweet older gentleman was discarded at the shelter just when he needed his humans the most. Luckily a kind hearted volunteer brought him to our attention and now he is safe with us. He is a mellow old guy – about 12 years old. Hes got creaky bones and some lumps and […]


Meet Artie. This big, beautiful boy was abandoned at the shelter by his former owners and we cannot imagine why. Artie is a pretty perfect guy. He is a bout 80 lbs and 4-5 years old. He walks well on leash, is crate trained and is good with other dogs from 5 lbs to 65 […]



Monkey came into the shelter in rough shape.  One look at him and it was clear he had spent the first part of his young life deprived of medical care and – kindness.  He was suffering from a severe case of mange, his lymph nodes were swollen and he had secondary infections. We took care […]


Henderson was found lying on the street – he was on the verge of death. His skeletal body was brought to the shelter where they sent out an email blast for rescues to help this very ill puppy.  He was suffering from bacterial pneumonia. After 5 days in the hospital – he went to a […]


We saw Turducken’s photo at the Lancaster shelter.  She was emaciated and totally shut down.  It was clear her former life had been one of neglect and sadness.  We wanted to turn things around for her. After we got her the required medical care – she began to put weight on.  Her gentle, loving personality […]