Meet Matilda.
This pretty dog has been let down by quite a few people in her life. She was found as a stray and taken in by some kindhearted people. She slept in a bed every night with a young girl and loved her time with them but the landlord kicked her out and she ended up at a crowded shelter. Long story short – she made her way to us and is now doing great.
Matilda is a very smart, athletic dog. She will thrive with a structured environment and lots of exercise. Matilda is a rough player and and loves playing hard with other dogs. Her play style is a bit much for most dogs and for that reason we think she would do best as an only dog.
She is crate trained, house trained and walks well on leash. Wed like to find a family with breed experience for Matilda.
Please email us for more information:
Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.

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The 2nd annual Love Leo Rescue Fund Raiser is being planned for 2019. Save the evening of November 6th. Bring your friends and help save a life by donating to our rescue. Or sponsor a spay and neuter clinic and prevent unwanted litters from being born ! Link to Fund Raiser

Team Carl

TEAM CARL CLOTHING Baby Carl was found on a construction site – clinging to life. He was 1.5 lbs and severely emaciated. Two construction workers did not know what to do when they found him and they brought him to the shelter. He was scheduled to be immediately euthanized because the shelter is not equipped […]

Care 4 Your Pet #2

Post 2: How to choose the right training tools for your dog: for more information go to “decodingdogsla”. Remember – there is no ‘one size fits all’ so it’s important to recognize what works for you and your dog. • A toggled slip leash (top R) is a good starting point. All collars they should […]

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Adoptable Dogs


Meet Gigi. She is a 10 month old Pitsky – a pitbull husky mix. She was found at a gas station badly injured. She had a dislocated hip and broken leg which have been surgically repaired. She should make a full recovery with no issues other than she may be a little weaker in that […]


Meet Ivan. This sweet little pup was surrendered to the shelter at just 3 weeks old. He went straight to a foster home where he was bottle fed multiple times a day. Now he is 3 months old and has tripled in size and weighs a whopping 8 lbs and is doing well. He does […]


Meet Murfy. This 5 month old blue nose pit puppy was rescued from the shelter. We think he was dumped there because he has a treatable and non-contagious skin condition. Despite his sad past – he is loving and sweet and well balanced. He does well with all dogs – big and small, walks great […]


Meet Reggie. This beautiful 2 year old American Bully/ Olde English Bulldog sat at a rural shelter for almost two months with no interest. He had entropian (which means his eye lids curled inwards causing pain and discomfort). His eyes were surgically corrected and he will heal with no issues. He is an exuberant – […]

Shabu Shabu

Meet Shabu Shabu. This beautiful 1 year old Shih Tzu was most likely left behind after her family moved. Neighbors saw her in the neighborhood for weeks – getting dirtier, and more desperate – roaming the streets. She sadly resorted to eating trash which is when one of the neighbors took action and brought her […]


Meet Bernard. This sweet dude with the megawatt smile was dumped at the shelter because he was “too old”. Well we disagree. This mild mannered guy has lots pep in his step and deserves someone who appreciates the laid back ways of an older dog. He is about 10 years old – house trained and […]



Monkey came into the shelter in rough shape.  One look at him and it was clear he had spent the first part of his young life deprived of medical care and – kindness.  He was suffering from a severe case of mange, his lymph nodes were swollen and he had secondary infections. We took care […]


Henderson was found lying on the street – he was on the verge of death. His skeletal body was brought to the shelter where they sent out an email blast for rescues to help this very ill puppy.  He was suffering from bacterial pneumonia. After 5 days in the hospital – he went to a […]


We saw Turducken’s photo at the Lancaster shelter.  She was emaciated and totally shut down.  It was clear her former life had been one of neglect and sadness.  We wanted to turn things around for her. After we got her the required medical care – she began to put weight on.  Her gentle, loving personality […]