Thank you for opening your heart and home to foster!! We are completely foster based which means the number of dogs we can save depends entirely on your kindness and willingness to open your home to give a dog a second chance.

We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, injured, abandoned and forgotten dogs. We provide medical care, training, and other services to the dogs in our rescue to help prepare them for adoption and forever homes. Many dogs we rescue require complicated surgeries and costly medical care. 

fostering-what to expect!



Foster care provides temporary homes for dogs that have no where else to go. Fostering a shelter animal is a rewarding experience and helps get each dog ready for adoption.



The ideal foster will have a basic knowledge of animal care, as well as a desire to find their foster animal a safe and caring permanent home. Fosters are responsible for sending LLR weekly photos and videos and updates of their foster dog to help promote them for adoption!

Examples of what kind of photos work for us can be found on our social media! @loveleorescue



Length of foster care varies based on each dog. Some foster dogs may only need a couple nights of care, while others might need weeks. Foster dogs stay in their foster homes until they are adopted out, so getting photos and videos of your foster animal is an important factor in length of stay!



We provide basic vet care, food, crate, leash, tag and collar. As well as adoption counseling and review.



LLR has a no dog park policy. Your dog is already dealing with the stress of a new home environment, and dog parks are largely uncontrolled environments that can increase their stress levels and cause incidents. Consider a regular park with large trails that allow dogs on-leash.