Meet Bagel. This here is a very special dog and a testament to the incredible, forgiving nature of dogs. Bagel is a beautiful boy who was living in a homeless camp. A police officer crossed paths with him a few weeks ago and started asking some questions as he was in rough shape. He was … Continued


Meet Dari. This 4 month old Australian Cattle dog mix puppy was rescued from Iran. A rescue friend helps dogs there and asked us if we could cover his ticket and help him find a home here in the US. Of course we said yes. He was run over by a car in Iran and … Continued


Meet Samu. This giant boy was found scared, hiding in the bushes of someones yard. We were able to get him to safety and brought him to the shelter where we waited for his stray hold to be up. We then had him checked at our vet and now he is ready for a forever … Continued


Dixie was adopted and retuned to us several months later for “behavioral” issues. She arrived and spent some time with the Love Leo gang and – we think she’s pretty great. She did well with Earl and Wyat and her and Bixie started playing. She’s gaining confidence and getting better every day. She loves hikes, … Continued


Meet Rocky. This soulful Malinois mix was surrendered to us by his former family because they had a baby and they no longer had time for him. Judging by the fly strikes on his ears – he spent a lot of time outside. Now he is in a loving foster home and has been described … Continued


Meet Buddy. He is an older gentleman who was abandoned in a house after his owner passed away. Several days went by and finally a local rescue came to help. They asked us if we could take him and the other dog in the home (who has been adopted) and we of course said yes. … Continued


Meet Red. This handsome guy was found as a stray in a not so great neighborhood. He had a chip but sadly it was from 6 years ago and none of the contacts knew who’s dog this is. We think he is about 9 years old and he is in great shape. He could afford … Continued


Meet Gardenia. This beautiful, 38 lbs girl is about 4 years old. She was rescued from Mexico in rough shape – now she is safe with us. She is dog friendly and greet with kids. She is looking for a forever home in the LA area.