Meet Mouse. She is a 5 month old “Mexican street dog” mix. She came to us scared and hairless – suffering from mange and malnutrition. After 3 weeks in a loving foster home she has blossomed and is now a happy, confident girl. She does well with other dogs and is 70% house trained. She … Continued


Meet Inez. She joined us when the rescue that had committed to her was a no show. She is a big puppy. She is 5 months old and already 40 lbs. We think she will be between 55-65 at maturity. Our best guess is that she is a border collie lab mix. She is gentle … Continued


Meet Ida. This 5 month old cow dog mix was surrendered to our rescue because the rescue that had committed to her never showed up to pick her up. She is now safe with us. She us a sweet, well behaved puppy who does well with other dogs and would do best in an active … Continued


Meet Mugsy.And — true to his name, he has a very unique mug. Not exactly sure what’s going on here but we think he’s a sharpei englishbulldog mix and – he is glorious. This four-year-old, 55 lbs boy came to us from a far away shelter. Every kennel they had was full and they were going to have … Continued


Meet Sorcha. This gorgeous hound/lab/pitbull mix was rescued from Mexico. She lived there with other dogs and even a cat. She’s a happy, enthusiastic girl who is about 48 lbs and 10 months old. She is house trained and crate trained. She loves hiking and cuddling equally. She has some resource guarding issues (with other … Continued


Eliza is a beautiful 2 year old Malinios Shiba Inu (best guess) mix who weights around 50 lbs. She spent over 200 days at the shelter waiting for her forever humans. She is a smart, athletic dog who does brilliantly with other dogs. The shelter used her as a “helper” dog. She was used to … Continued


Meet LaBoo. This adorable looking poodle mix came to us from Iran. He has been living in a barn with chickens and goats and was fed water and bread for the first part of his life. Now he has made the journey to LA and is getting all the good things in life he deserves. … Continued


Meet Chase. He is a 4 year old lab pitbull mix. Chase is a great apartment dog but we are sure he would love a yard as well. He is easygoing, house trained and eager to please his person. Chase loves going for walks, hikes and playing with his dog friends. Chase gets nervous around … Continued


Biscotti is a shy, gentle dog who was found by animal control. Her former owner left her and another dog (also rescued) tethered in a yard. He would come by on occasion to feed them. We cannot imagine how stressful that was for them both. Luckily both were rescued and are now safe. She is … Continued


Meet Karma. This sweet, 6 year old Jindo mix spent 7 months at the shelter. Now she is free and enjoying her days at doggy daycare. She is gentle and sweet and does well with other dogs – we think she would be happiest with a calm, respectful dog. She appears to be house trained … Continued