Meet Buzz. He is a 3.5 month old Shepherd/Lab (best guess) mix. He and his orphaned siblings were rescued from Mexico. We think she will be around 55-60 lbs at maturity. He is good with other dogs and would be fine with cats with proper supervision. He was run over in his foster home in … Continued


Bohdi is an 8 month old Maltese mix that was surrendered to us after he was diagnosed with a liver shunt. He was originally adopted form us many months ago – but when his owners realized they were unable to afford that costly surgery they brought him back to Love Leo. He has now had … Continued


Saltana is a 4 month old Pitbull puppy full of curiosity. She is smart, and friendly and a quick learner. She does well with all dogs and would probably be fine with a cat too with proper introduction.


Twizzler is a 4 year old blue brindle pitbull mix who we rescued from an abusive situation in Tijuana. Despite her rough start she does not hold a grudge. She loves humans and greets everyone with a wagging tail.  She is good with other dogs but needs an appropriate introduction.  She is so deserving of … Continued


Meet Arnou. This soulful dog was rescued from the desert where he lived as a stray – hustling to find food. About a year ago he was hit by a car and sustained two broken back legs. Sadly they healed without medical care causing one of his legs to be bent in a funny position. … Continued


Meet Jake. This handsome 6 year old boxer/pit mix has a pair of badly cropped ears. He was dumped at the shelter with his BFF – a small chihuahua. Sadly someone adopted the chihuahua and left him behind. It was not long before everyone could see that his heart had been broken. And – he … Continued


Meet Linus. This sweet older gentleman was discarded at the shelter just when he needed his humans the most. Luckily a kind hearted volunteer brought him to our attention and now he is safe with us. He is a mellow old guy – about 12 years old. Hes got creaky bones and some lumps and … Continued


Thomas’ before photo is hard to look at. He was kept on a chain and seldom fed. That was his life. By the time the rescuers in Tijuana got to him – he was half of his healthy body weight and near death. He required a blood transfusion and weeks of wound treatment for pressure … Continued


Meet Matilda. This pretty dog has been let down by quite a few people in her life. She was found as a stray and taken in by some kindhearted people. She slept in a bed every night with a young girl and loved her time with them but the landlord kicked her out and she … Continued


Meet Pickles. He’s a 14 month old Shepherd/Cattle/pit dog mix. He is an intelligent, sensitive and athletic cattle dog/shepherd mix. We rescued him over a year ago. We had gone to the shelter for another dog who was tragically euthanized while we were on hold waiting to confirm a pick up time. We wanted to … Continued