Meet Okami. This beauty joined us after being found as an injured stray. We think he is about 4 month old Pitsky (Pitbull Husky mix). He is a typical happy go lucky puppy who is good with other dogs. He would benefit to go to a home with another balanced and playful dog and an … Continued


Meet Chowder. This 20 lbs guy is possibly a Shih Tzu Maltese mix. He is about 1.5 years old and good with other dogs large and small. He is loving and affectionate but can be a little shy at first. He is looking for a forever home in the LA area.


Meet Jackie. She is a 2 year old cattle dog mix who was literally rescued at the 11th hour. Jackie was scheduled to be euthanized when we spotted her on the RED list. Now she is safe with us and she is amazing. Good with other dogs large and small, walks well on leash and … Continued


Meet Liam. This velvety soft, black Pitbull mix puppy was brought to the shelter in a cardboard box along with the rest of his litter. Liam was the smallest of his litter (about 1/2 the size of his littermate) and had some skin issues that we needed to resolve before we could put him up … Continued


Meet Muneca. She was found in a parking lot by a good Samartian – most likely dumped by a backyard breeder because she had an injury that left her blind. Our vet was able to remove her bad eye but she does not have vision in the other eye. HOWEVER – that does not stop … Continued


Meet Boogie.This two year old, #belgianmalinois #shepherdmix spent the first part of his life living on someone’s industrial property. They had hoped he would be a guard dog but at the end of the day, he’s really just a big, goofy puppy. A kind person saw him in the back of the property and noticed how skinny and … Continued


Meet Chase. He is a real dog’s dog. He loves other dogs both large and small and is playful at times but also respectful of dogs that don’t want to play. Chase is a great apartment dog but we are sure he would love a yard as well. He is easygoing, house trained and eager … Continued


Biscotti is a shy, gentle dog who was found by animal control. Her former owner left her and another dog (also rescued) tethered in a yard. He would come by on occasion to feed them. We cannot imagine how stressful that was for them both. Luckily both were rescued and are now safe. She is … Continued


Tyson is still, patiently waiting. Meet Tyzon. He is a 2 year old shepherd mix. He is an active, energetic dog with lots of personality. He’s very smart and quick to pick up on training. He’d be a great hiking partner, and ideally would have a yard to run and play in. He would love … Continued


Meet Bagel. This here is a very special dog and a testament to the incredible, forgiving nature of dogs. Bagel is a beautiful boy who was living in a homeless camp. A police officer crossed paths with him a few weeks ago and started asking some questions as he was in rough shape. He was … Continued