Meet Roda. She is a chunky – 5 year old dog who was left behind after her owner died. She was in an abandoned house when a Good Samaritan found her and got her and her friend to us. She is very well trained, house trained and knows a few tricks. She needs to lose … Continued

Olive Oil

Meet Olive Oil. She is a 6 lbs terrier mix who was surrendered to us by her former owners. She is about 5 years old and is very sweet. She loves going for walks and is good with other (calm) dogs. She is a total lap dog and loves nothing more than being by your … Continued


Meet Buzz. He is a 3.5 month old Shepherd/Lab (best guess) mix. He and his orphaned siblings were rescued from Mexico. We think she will be around 55-60 lbs at maturity. He is good with other dogs and would be fine with cats with proper supervision. He was run over in his foster home in … Continued


Bohdi is an 8 month old Maltese mix that was surrendered to us after he was diagnosed with a liver shunt. He was originally adopted form us many months ago – but when his owners realized they were unable to afford that costly surgery they brought him back to Love Leo. He has now had … Continued


Meet Pearl. She is a beautiful and unusual mix – perhaps Shar pei and terrier? She came to us after her former family neglected her. She had eye and skin infections and will be spayed and chipped once these clear up. She is smart, playful and loving. She is good with all dogs and great … Continued


Saltana is a 4 month old Pitbull puppy full of curiosity. She is smart, and friendly and a quick learner. She does well with all dogs and would probably be fine with a cat too with proper introduction.


Twizzler is a 4 year old blue brindle pitbull mix who we rescued from an abusive situation in Tijuana. Despite her rough start she does not hold a grudge. She loves humans and greets everyone with a wagging tail.  She is good with other dogs but needs an appropriate introduction.  She is so deserving of … Continued


Meet Arnou. This soulful dog was rescued from the desert where he lived as a stray – hustling to find food. About a year ago he was hit by a car and sustained two broken back legs. Sadly they healed without medical care causing one of his legs to be bent in a funny position. … Continued


Meet Jake. This handsome 6 year old boxer/pit mix has a pair of badly cropped ears. He was dumped at the shelter with his BFF – a small chihuahua. Sadly someone adopted the chihuahua and left him behind. It was not long before everyone could see that his heart had been broken. And – he … Continued


Meet Linus. This sweet older gentleman was discarded at the shelter just when he needed his humans the most. Luckily a kind hearted volunteer brought him to our attention and now he is safe with us. He is a mellow old guy – about 12 years old. Hes got creaky bones and some lumps and … Continued