Have a few questions about adopting from Love Leo? Hopefully, you can find your answer here! If not, send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Adoption questions

What are your adoption fees?

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue. We request a charitable donation for each Love Leo Dog available for adoption. The donation allows us to provide excellent care and continue to rescue and re-home many dogs that have been dumped or abandoned. 

The adoption donation varies based on the age of the dog.

For Puppies under a year old the donation is: $725,

For Dogs over a year old: $625

and for Senior dogs (6 years and older): $525.

Additionally, if the dog is not yet spayed/neutered we require a refundable $100 that is returned upon completion and certificate of sterilization.

We primarily rescue medical dog, injured dogs, or dogs that need a little extra TLC. The adoption donation goes directly towards spay/neuter surgery, food, medical needs, training, and to care for other dogs in need. We typically spend $1000 per dog we rescue and sometimes more depending on their needs.

 What is included in the adoption donation?

The adoption donation covers the spay/neuter, microchip, first round of rabies and core vaccinations, a bag of your pets current diet to get you started, a new martingale collar and tag, and a $150 training session with Decoding Dogs in Mar Vista. The training is required as part of the adoption to help your dog transition to their new homes!


I submitted an application but am not ready to bring them home until 7+ days from now. Can you hold the dog I’m interested in for me? 

We appreciate your eagerness to adopt and bring home a furry friend!! However, the answer is no. We cannot hold any dog until you are ready. Since we are foster based, we are only able to save dogs that we have committed foster homes for. So the longer we hold a dog, that’s one shelter or stray dog that we are not able to help. 


Do you adopt outside of California?

Yes! We typically adopt locally; however, we do make exceptions! We require that all potential adopters travel to Los Angeles to meet the dog first. Then should the meet and greet go well, you are responsible for travel arrangements for you and your dog’s journey home. 


General Questions

Can we come visit and play with the dogs?

We are a foster based rescue, which means we place our Love Leo Dogs in safe and loving foster homes until they find their forever families. Should you be interested in adopting or fostering, an application must be submitted and approved prior to meeting any of the dogs.

If we contact you after submitting an application to schedule a meet and greet-that means you are approved!


My dog that I rescued from you is having behavior issues, can you help?

Please contact us directly at Loveleorescue@gmail.com if your pet is having behavioral issues. We work with Cassian at Decoding Dogs and require a session with him within one week of bringing your new dog home.

 His website is www.decodingdogs.com. He has been working alongside us for over two years and is a great resource for pets and their parents for creating structure and an environment for everyone to thrive.


I found a lost/abandoned dog, can you take them?

While we would love to help every lost animal, we first recommend that you take them to a local vet to scan for a microchip. It is free and any vet should be able to help. Just by looking, you cannot tell if the dog is a stray or escaped from home.

I need to re-home my dog. Can you take them? 

We wish we could take on every dog that comes our way that is in need of a home. But Los Angeles is in a CRISIS. Shelters and rescues are at maximum capacity and rehoming is very difficult. We strongly urge you do to everything possible to keep your pet as taking them to a shelter is a stressful and unsafe place for them. And in the current climate, many rescues have little to no room. We can only bring pets into our rescue when we have a committed foster.

Please email us at loveleorescue@gmail.com with some details about your pet along with photos and why you need to re-home them.