Due to events beyond our control, the clinics have been temporarily suspended. We will resume providing free clinics as soon as the city and state determine it is safe.

Every 13 seconds, a dog or cat is euthanized in an animal shelter in the US.  That equates to approximately 2.4 million healthy and adoptable companion animals being euthanized annually (American Humane Society 2016).  It’s a deadly case of supply and demand: there are too many adoptable pets and not enough good homes for them.

The problem of unwanted pets and overcrowded shelters must be addressed before it hits the shelter’s front door.  The goal of our program is to provide FREE/Low Cost spay and neuter to pet owners who cannot otherwise afford these surgeries. By helping the community spay and neuter their pets we are preventing “unwanted” litters from being born. Through our spay and neuter program, we will ultimately lower the number of dogs and cats that are euthanized in our local shelters.

Love Leo trained with the Humane Society’s Pets for Life Program to study the most effective way to reduce pet overpopulation.  Our program specifically targets South El Monte. This is an area of Southern California which is notorious for the number of stray animals in the roaming the streets.  South El Monte is a low income neighborhood with limited resources and no free spay/neuter clinics. In addition to spay and neuter services, Love Leo will offer low cost vaccines and microchips.

Love Leo trained with the Humane Society’s Pets for Life program to study the most effective way to be target clients in our service area. We reach out to prospective clients, schedule and confirm appointments, and provide a follow up call to check in on the recovery process.

On July 21st, 2018 Love Leo hosted its secound clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.  We provided FREE spay and neuter services to a very poor and underserved area.  We were able to spay and neuter 108 animals in one day.  We look forward to hosting more clinics in this area.


In addition to free/low cost spay and neuter we provide low cost vaccines and microchips. An un-vaccinated dog is vulnerable to many diseases such as parvo and distemper. These diseases are expensive to treat and often fatal if untreated. For roughly $15 – we can vaccinate these dogs – keeping pets in this program healthy and prevent them from spreading disease.  If the client able unable to pay for chips or vaccines – Love Leo will cover that cost as well.


Love Leo has partnered with Spay4LA to be the provider of our spay and neuter services. The Spay4LA truck is fully equipped with everything Love Leo needs for a one day clinic (e.g. licensed veterinary and vet techs, surgery room, medicines and recovery space). The cost of surgery, chip and vaccines usually is roughly $100 per animal.


As of March 6, 2019 our program has spayed and neutered OVER 786 cats and dogs. By providing this preventative, solution-based program – we can improve the lives of animals – and the people who love them.


Please go to our events page for details, time and location.