Carl may look like the handsomest dog alive… but the truth is, on the inside he’s suffering. His kidneys are still not functioning properly and therefore he’s had to get subcutaneous fluids every day for the last two weeks. A vet tech has had to assist with this procedure as he is scared of the needle and – we don’t blame him. 
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is spread through urine. There has been a recent lepto outbreak in Los Angeles. If your dog has any symptoms of this deadly disease, please have your vet test your dog for it. No one knows your dog like you do and if you suspect lepto (or anything else for that matter) you must insist your vet performs the proper tests AND you need to follow up and and make sure you receive the results in a timely fashion. 
The good news is, leptospirosis is treatable with three weeks of antibiotics. If it’s caught early, your dog will likely make a full recovery. If not… permanent kidney damage or death is possible. We’re not trying to scare anyone but we do want to make sure this outbreak is taken seriously.