How 2 Care 4 Your new Friend.

these home care posts are written by LLR and “decodingdogsla”. Check out their website.

Home Care 2

How to choose the right training tools for your dog:“decodingdogsla”.Remember – there is no ‘one size fits all’ so it’s important to recognize what works for you and your dog.• A toggled slip leash (top R) is a good starting point. All collars they should be fitted so they stay high up on neck under … Continued

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Home Care 1

BRINGING HOME YOUR FOREVER DOG:• The first 2 weeks are key!• Set up a structure with rules and boundaries. It’s easier to add more freedom later than have to take it away.• Start with a solid foundation of sit, stay and come.• Let the dog know where they can and can’t go, where they will … Continued

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