Love Leo is a 501(c)3, foster based rescue located in Los Angeles. Many of the dogs we rescue are sick, injured, abandoned and forgotten. We have a soft spot for dogs that need special medical care in order to make it out of the shelter. We know most adopters will not be able to adopt a dog from the shelter that needs a costly orthopedic surgery, or a puppy that is ill with parvo. We believe these dogs deserve a second chance.

In addition to our rescue work, we host a free/low cost spay and neuter program an underserved area of LA (South El Monte). We also host clinics in Tijuana Mexico. Rescuing one dog at a time is important and heartwarming work but – the more important thing we can do to make a difference in the pet overpopulation crisis is by providing spay and neuter services to those who need it. In addition to improving the quality of life for these animals and the people that love them, it is also the most effective way to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals.


Love Leo Rescue is a non-profit based in Los Angeles founded by Sasha Abelson.

We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, injured, abandoned and forgotten dogs. We provide medical care, training, and other services to the dogs in our rescue to help prepare them for adoption and forever homes. Many dogs we rescue require complicated surgeries and costly medical care.

In addition, we launched a spay and neuter program which provides FREE spay and neuter surgeries to people and their pets living in low income and underserved areas. We are dedicated to helping battle the pet overpopulation problem through rescue and preventative programs.


Love Leo was founded in honor of Sasha’s pitbull Leo who was rescued from New Jersey.  His mother had been the subject of abuse and sadly did not survive. Leo went on to live a charmed life in Vermont and in his later years in Southern California.

Leo was one of the lucky ones, he found a forever home. The statistics are grim for pitbulls in the shelter. One study estimated that only 1 in every 600 pitbulls in the shelter find a forever home. In fact – all shelter dogs and cats have the deck stacked against them. Leo’s legacy lives on in every single life that we save. Consider adopting a dog or a cat and giving them a second chance. You would make Leo proud!


Evelia Ramos | Project Supervisor

Evelia is truly the heart of our spay and neuter project. She grew up in South El Monte and for years she witnessed the real life ramifications of not having accessible and affordable spay and neuter in her neighborhood.

Kathy Thompson | Puppy Foster Extraordinaire

Kathy connected with Love Leo when she adopted a dog from us. She wanted to find out how she could help with our mission and has become one of our most beloved fostered.

Cassian Sandeberg

Cassian Sandeberg (of @decodingdogsla) has been Love Leo’s dog guru for the past year. He has been working with dogs for over 15 years and specializes in various behavioral issues. Cassian does at home training sessions and helps our adopters set their dog up for success with their new families. We love the fact that Cassian focuses on correcting inappropriate behaviors as well as creating an effective way to manage their dog on a day to day basis.
He’s the author of “what’d you do that for”.


We are always looking for help to care for our dogs ! If you have the time and the patience to foster one of our abandoned animals please get in touch.


Amy started out as an  Love Leo adopter and quickly turned into a foster. From there she found her place with the organization as our adoption and foster program manager. Amy has her very own Love Leo dog, a Puggle named Arlo

Jenn and Brion

Jenn and Brion have been fostering for Love Leo for almost a decade now. Their first Love Leo dog was an older girl who had an ACL surgery and needed a quiet place to recover. Since then they have fostered over 200 dogs for Love Leo and are one of our MVPs at saving lives. 
They live in Los Angeles and have 4 Love Leo dogs of their own.


Sasha has been involved in rescue for 9 years. When she first moved to Southern California she had no idea about the serious pet overpopulation crisis that plagues this region (and in fact – most of the country – and the world). She started volunteering once a week for another rescue group and soon felt it was her obligation to do more. That is when Love Leo Rescue came to be.