Randal Dawn

Randal Dawn was found in a rural area. A local motel would sometimes put out food for him. According to them, his homeless human had passed away, and this older shepherd mix was left to fend for himself. He would sleep in the woods at night and come to the Motel to see if there’s any food or water for him.
One day he showed up with a horrific wound on his back. It’s unclear how he received this injury but it’s likely he was attacked by another animal. The staff didn’t know what to do. They reached out to a rescue friend and she reached out to us. 
He was such a major medical case that we teamed up with our friends at North West Dog Project to help this sweet dog. 
He spent weeks in the hospital and was finally released. It turns out Randal is a very good dog indeed. This six year old shepherd mix is very friendly and sweet. It wasn’t long before he found his perfect forever human.