Freya was the victim of a house fire. Unfortunately, all the other dogs in the home perished that day. Freya made it out but found herself at an overcrowded shelter that was unable to provide the medical care she needed. 
A volunteer reached out to us, and we immediately said yes. She went straight to our emergency vet where she spent several days. 
After that, she went to a foster home.  Her traumatic past did not affect her loving, sweet personality. Freya loves everybody she meets, dogs and humans alike. She likes to play and go for walks. 
After several weeks in her foster home, a wonderful couple applied to adopt her. It was pretty much love at first sight. 
Freya lives in the Southbay now. She is surrounded by lots of love, and her favorite pink pig toys. Freya even has a Dodo story about her journey.


  • Breed:FEMALE, Medium