Betty is a purebred English bulldog who is found in really rough shape. She had been attacked by a large animal and had serious wounds all over her neck and her legs. She also had a fox tails embedded in her eye and her vagina. And finally, she had a cherry eye, which is a genetic defect. She was so scared when the rescue person found her, it took a while to get her to safety. We rushed her to an emergency vet where they took care of all of her wounds, as well as the fox tails. 
After she was well enough, she went to a foster home where she continued to thrive. She even had a weekend getaway to the mountains.
After a consultation with an ophthalmologist, it was determined that Betty’s eye was been damaged beyond repair and needed to be removed.
She got through that surgery like a superstar and has made a full recovery. This beautiful girl has been adopted by her foster mom and is living her best life in the Los Angeles area.


  • Breed:FEMALE