We first saw Milton at the Carson shelter.  He was so depressed he could not – would not walk.  We actually thought he was paralyzed at first but the shelter staff assured us when they cleaned the kennel in the mornings – he would get up and go to the bathroom on the other side … Continued


Nugget was rescued off the street of Tijuana with a horrible burn on her back. We don’t know how this happened to her?  Did she get stuck under a car?  Or was it intentionally inflicted?  We will never know. The good news is some kind people in Mexico managed to get her across the border … Continued


Nova was one of the most complicated – and costly rescued to date. We were informed about a critically ill puppy at the shelter.  Due to the shape she was in – the shelter only gave us three hours to get her out and to a vet.  Luckily one of our loyal volunteers dropped everything … Continued


Looking at Marty now – you would never know the neglect and abuse he endured in his previous home.  Marty was living with a hoarder in Tijuana.  He was dirty, underweight and missing most of his fur.  A kind person got him off the streets and transported him to us here in LA.  It was … Continued


Meet Mowgli.  This puppy was found in a shopping cart and was badly injured.  He had a broken leg and pelvis and was unable to walk. Apparently someone decided to leave him in a supermarket parking lot instead of taking him to the vet. He found his way to the shelter and someone called us … Continued