Sweet Lollipop.  We took one look at her sad, dejected face and knew we wanted to help. Lollipop was adopted from the shelter – and returned a few months later after her forever humans decided to move and not take her along.  Her sadness was palpable.

In addition to being returned to the shelter – it was clear Lollipop had suffered some type of trauma to the side of her face.  She has a lopsided smile – which we soon learned to love.  We don’t know what happened to her but luckily there are no long term effects from that injury.

She found her perfect home with a previous adopter who wanted to add to her adopted poodle family. Lollipop will never be unwanted again.  She spends he days frolicking on the beach, hiking with her buds or cuddling with her canine bro – Mork.


  • Breed:FEMALE