We first saw Milton at the Carson shelter.  He was so depressed he could not – would not walk.  We actually thought he was paralyzed at first but the shelter staff assured us when they cleaned the kennel in the mornings – he would get up and go to the bathroom on the other side of the kennel.

His transformation was immediate.  As soon as we got him on a leash – he literally pranced out of the kennel.  He jumped to receive treats.   We had a full medical work up on him and got him surgery to remove a massive thyroid tumor (the size of an orange).  Though he’s an older guy – he bounced back from that procedure.

He soon won over the hearts of his foster family and they decided to adopt him. Now he lives in a pack of other dogs – and a cat.  He loves everyone he meets and has become quite a beach dog.  He loves chasing his ball, saying hi to the pet chickens and cuddling with his humans.  His golden years will be full of love and happiness – just as it should be. .


  • Breed:MALE