Tyson is still, patiently waiting.

Meet Tyzon. He is a 2 year old shepherd mix. He is an active, energetic dog with lots of personality. He’s very smart and quick to pick up on training. He’d be a great hiking partner, and ideally would have a yard to run and play in. He would love an active human partner to keep him engaged and physically and mentally. He is curious on walks. Agility or scent training would be a fun activity for Tyzon and his forever human. He can be little insecure, and sometimes leash reactive to other dogs. He is great with people who are experienced with large dogs. He will benefit from more training and socialization. He is very loyal and affectionate with his people. He would do best in a home with a confident person who is going to be a leader to him. For that reason, no kids under 15.


  • Breed:Large, MALE