Eliza is a beautiful 2 year old Malinios Shiba Inu (best guess) mix who weights around 50 lbs. She spent over 200 days at the shelter waiting for her forever humans. She is a smart, athletic dog who does brilliantly with other dogs. The shelter used her as a “helper” dog. She was used to help to evaluate other dogs in the shelter due to her balanced temperament and good disposition. She adapts her play style to match the other dogs and does well with both large and small dogs and would do best in a home with at least one other dogs.

She would make a great agility dog and was born to hike and run. Very smart and engaged – she will be a true star with someone who wants to invest the time and energy to train her and work with her.

She is crate trained, house trained, and good on leash. She does have some resource guarding issues and therefore no kids under 15 year old.


  • Breed:FEMALE, Large