Dottie’s Story

Dottie was the first dog I ever rescued on my own without the support of a rescue group to back me. She was before Love Leo came to be. I saw her photo online and knew I wanted to help her. I walked through the shelter and stopped at her kennel. There she was, this itty, bitty puppy, probably no more than 3 lbs., sitting on a gigantic dog bed all by herself. She looked at me with a mixture of curiosity and sadness. It was almost as if she knew this was not a good place for a puppy to be and wondered if I might be the person to get her out of there.
On the ride home she sat in the seat next to me and I could not shake how sad she looked. A puppy should be playing and chewing on the seatbelt, barking and generally being an annoying puppy. But Dottie sat there quietly. My heart broke for her. How did such a little dog find her way into an overcrowded shelter? How could someone not want her with her tan and white coat and funny half mustache?
I got her home, bathed her, fed and introduced her to Leo and Jimmy. And then a change occurred. It was as if she knew she was safe. It was quiet in the house – no more barking dogs. And she was clean. And her belly was full. The fear was gone. After her meal – she rolled around on the soft beds and finally relaxed.
She loved Leo and Jimmy and slept on top of them, or curled under them. She was sweet and trusting and turned into a puppy before my eyes.
A young couple soon adopted Dottie. They passed all the tests and the application looked great … ON PAPER! But after two months she was retuned to me for no apparent reason. I guess having a puppy was more work than they expected. We were happy to have her back and after one day – it was as if she had never left.
Soon another application for her came in. They were a dog savvy family and were looking for a second dog. The met her and it was an instant connection. She and her new brother were two peas in a pod and that became Dottie’s forever home.


  • Breed:FEMALE