Meet Athena.  If only she could talk and tell us what happened to her.  Athena is a 2 year old, lab/pitbull/hound (?) mix who was impounded at a shelter after being found in an abandoned house with no food or water.  She is currently 68 lbs but could stand to gain about 5 lbs to get her to a healthy weight.

She came in to the shelter with horrific injuries to her back.  Our best guess is it is an intentional chemical burn. The burns start at her shoulder and go down toward the base of her tail.  They have begun to heal and no longer seem painful for her.  Despite the fear and pain she has gone through – Athena is a loving and gentle girl.  She may do well with other dogs but we are waiting until she is healthy and feeling better until we do formal introductions.

She is looking for her happily ever after.  She is looking for a family to love and adore her – to spoil her and cherish her and show the the kind side of humanity. Is that person you?  Are you Athena’s hero?



  • Breed:FEMALE