Meet Tucker. He is a 4 month old pitbull/shepherd mix puppy who was found by some kindhearted people. They made sure he got neutered and vaccinated and asked us if we could help find him a forever home. He’s a very sweet, smart little guy. He does well with other dogs of all sizes and probably would be fine with cats too with proper introduction. He is leash trained, sleeps in his crate at night, is 95% house trained. He – like a typical dominant breed mix puppy – can be bossy and so we are looking for dog savvy home for him. We would like him to go to a family who will work on his training and consider puppy classes. He would also love another dog to play with.
To find out more please email us: loveleorescue@gmail.com
Thank you for adopting and saving a life.


  • Breed:MALE
  • Color(s):Brindle