Milton (the Marvelous)

Meet Milton. He was one of the saddest dogs we had ever seen. He’s a senior guy who can into the shelter as a stray. He was so week and had such bad arthritis he could not even stand for his intake photo. He sat in the shelter for over a week while they tried to locate his owners – with no luck.
As the days passed he became so depressed he would no longer get up. The staff was not sure he could walk but when the shelter closed at night he would drag himself to the corner to go to the bathroom. That was the only sign of life from this heartbroken old man. People would come to his kennel to say hi and he would not lift his head. He had given up.

We knew he deserved better. The day we went to rescue him – it was as if he knew things were going to get better. He trotted out the front door and by the time we go to the vets office he was jumping up for treats.

We are looking for a loving home for him to spend his golden years in. He deserves it.


  • Breed:MALE