Meet Lotto.
Feast eyes face on one of the sweetest dogs you could ever hope to meet. She joined LLR kind of by accident. It appears the universe worked it’s magic and brought her to us. As you can imagine, transporting dogs from the shelter to various rescues is stressful, time-consuming and sometimes hectic. This beautiful girl was loaded on transport and sent to us without us knowing anything about her. Boy, we’re sure happy it worked out that way. She is 💯 treasure. She is a one and a half-year-old lab/Shepherd/husky mix that was used as a shelter tester dog (to test the temperament of incoming dogs) because she’s so sweet. She loves going for walks and curling up by your side or in your lap if you’ll allow 😂. She’s quiet and affectionate.
With little foot traffic at the Delano shelter – she was unable to find her forever home. Now, she’s safe with us.
We feel like we hit the lotto by bringing this girl into our rescue. And – someone’s going to be very lucky to get the chance to bring her home forever.
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  • Breed:FEMALE
  • Color(s):Blond