Meet Felix.
We saw a dark, blurry photo of a dog hiding under a house in Tijuana – his mouth was tied shut with tape. He showed up on someones doorstep – silently asking for help. But that person would not allow him in the house because the infection from his muzzle “smelled”. He went back into hiding but luckily a good hearted person was able to locate him and get him safety to LA where he joined our rescue.
The tape caused major damage and cut though his entire muzzle. He was rushed into to surgery and he was stitched up. He is now recovering in the loving home of a vet tech.
Despite the unbearable pain he has endured – he does not hold a grudge. He is sweet and loving and appreciates the kindness from the vet staff and foster family.
He is only 6 months old and 12 lbs. We suspect he will be around 18 lbs at maturity.
We want a home where he will be spoiled and adored. If you think that is you: loveleorescue@gmail.com
Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.


  • Breed:MALE
  • Color(s):Brown and white