Churro is the kind of dog that, when you look at him your heart hurts for all that he has endured. He cannot speak, but his body tells the tale of his pain.. Both of his elbows have been broken at some point. Because he never received medical care they healed improperly. One of his legs is so crooked and arthritic, and possible nerve damage causes it to knuckle over when he’s resting. He has a lot of trouble just walking. We sent his x-rays out to our orthopedic specialist but he said sadly nothing can be done at this point for him other than pain management.
One person at the shelter thought he had been tied up on a chain his entire life. That would explain why he’s been so neglected. His ear has a slice through it, and his teeth are ground down. But as is typical of many dogs like him, this does not prevent him from loving the humans he encounters.
We got him started on a very effective pain medication and purchased him a nice orthopedic bed which will be delivered tomorrow. We are still in need of a loving forever home or foster home for him. Someone with an enormous heart that wants to make up for his years of suffering. He would do best as an only dog and because of his medical issues – does not need a big yard or lots of exercise.
Please consider giving Churro family he never had but so much deserves.


  • Breed:MALE