RIP Beasty !

She is gone. I don’t know how I am writing this as I still can’t believe it’s real.
Anyone that knew her knew she had a larger than life personality. She was a sparkling, precious gem full of kisses and sweetness. A shooting star that rained glitter and happiness on everyone she met.
She had so many funny habits I don’t have enough space to include them all. She loved everyone and was a total lapdog but could also hike 6 miles no problem. At night, she slept in a cat condo.
With that giant personality came a 5 lb dog with a Napoleon complex. That’s how she got her name. She was charming with the foster dogs in the house and always got the shy dogs to play with her. But – with unknown dogs she was very aggressive. She would charge at dogs without any care of her size. For the last four years I did my best to keep her safe from her bad ass self. I picked her up when we passed other dogs, she was on leash unless I had a 360° view of our surroundings.
Last night there was a tragic accident. In the blink of an eye Beasty slipped into the neighbors backyard and was grabbed by a larger dog. The other dog is a good dog with zero history of aggression. They had in fact met before and had no issues with each other. But it was dark and the other dog just reacted. It was over in six seconds. We raced her to the vet but she was dead on arrival.
I don’t know how to make sense of this. I don’t know how the universe works or why it does what it does… But I do know that I am grateful for the 4 years I had with her. She gave me so much joy and laughter.
Thank you Beasty for letting me your guardian. Thank you for showing me the big love of a little dog. You were a true rockstar. You lived life hard and you didn’t give a single shit. You tried to chase motorcycles and 18 wheelers. You were my beautiful, crazy beasty girl. I wanted to see you grow into a cranky, little old lady dog. But you’re gone. Too soon. Much too soon.
Rest easy my angel. I love you forever. 💔