Thomas’ before photo is hard to look at. He was kept on a chain and seldom fed. That was his life. By the time the rescuers in Tijuana got to him – he was half of his healthy body weight and near death. He required a blood transfusion and weeks of wound treatment for pressure sores that had become infected.
However – those days are ancient history. He is now safe with us and feeling great. His hair is still bleached from days of roasting in the sun with no shelter, and his wounds are still healing – but he has put on weight and is feeling great. He is a happy, grateful dog who has a sunny disposition and so much love to give. He is gentle when he takes treats, walks great on leash and is very affectionate. He is still unsure of other dogs (specifically large dogs) – so an only dog, active household would be the best match for him. He is about 2 years old and 60 lbs. Neutered and chipped and vaccinated and ready to start the best of his life.
Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.


  • Breed:FEMALE