Meet Simon.
Our friend and volunteer witnessed him being beaten up on the street by some degenerate lowlifes. He was then picked up animal control. He was understandably terrified. Dogs like that do not show well in the shelter and her usually overlooked by members of the public. Simon was added to the networking list and had beautiful photos taken of him but still, no interest.
So, we sprung him and set him up in a foster home.
He is a beautiful, three-year-old, #bluebrindle#pitbull He passed his shelter administered temperament test with an A. He is a very sweet and quiet guy who nibbles treats out of your fingers. We are hoping over the next couple of weeks he continues coming out of his shell and learns how to be a happy dog. He is house trained, walks well on a leash and is great with other dogs. We’d like to put him in a home with a breed savvy owner and another dog.


  • Breed:MALE