Meet Pickles. He’s a 14 month old Shepherd/Cattle/pit dog mix. He is an intelligent, sensitive and athletic cattle dog/shepherd mix.
We rescued him over a year ago. We had gone to the shelter for another dog who was tragically euthanized while we were on hold waiting to confirm a pick up time. We wanted to turn that tragic situation into a positive so we rescued Pickles on the spot.
He loves swimming and would be totally jazzed for a home that has a pool. He’s an active guy so he needs a family that enjoys hiking or running and someone that will take him for long walks. He’s good with other dogs but would probably annoy a senior so another playful dog would be a good match. He loves kids and do well in a home with children. He likes to rough house so needs an experience adopter that can manage his play style. Do you like to run or hike? This could be an awesome match for you.
He is now patiently waiting for his forever family. It would be a beautiful thing to see this dog and his forever home.

Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.


  • Breed:MALE
  • Color(s):White and tan