Meet Hutch. You can see in his regal and wise face what he must have been like in his heyday. He was probably purchased as a young pup – with his entire life ahead of him. But the 5 years he spent as an outdoor dog in a heartless person’s yard took a toll on him. His ears were eaten by flies and his muzzle started to gray. Though he is only 5 – you can tell those were are hard 5 years. When his former humans no longer wanted him they took him to one of the deadliest shelters in SoCal. He spent a month there waiting for someone to notice him – but nobody did. He was such a good boy – they gave him a kennel mate and the of them found solace in each other – in the scary shelter environment.
We first noticed Starsky – and then noticed his kennel mate. We are not a rescue to leave a dog behind and so we rescued both. Starsky has happily found his forever home but Hutch waits ,,, and waits.
He is a smart and eager to please dog. He may need a brush up on his house skills as he has spent the last 4 months at doggy day care. He walks well on leash and his medium energy. He would do well with another easy going, calm dog.
Hutch has been though a lot of heartache and let down. Now its his turn for a forever home. If you are a lover of the breed – please consider giving Hutch the home he so deserves.
Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.


  • Breed:MALE
  • Color(s):Tan and Black