Meet Bagel. This here is a very special dog and a testament to the incredible, forgiving nature of dogs.

Bagel is a beautiful boy who was living in a homeless camp. A police officer crossed paths with him a few weeks ago and started asking some questions as he was in rough shape. He was told the dog had been hit by a car (twice) and had a brick thrown at his face by some evil human. Despite all that trauma – he is the sweetest, most laid back guy. He loves all people and dogs. He is at our vet getting a skin infection treated and eating three meals a day so we can get him to a healthy weight so he can be neutered.

The vet thinks he is around 6-8 years old. Its hard to tell for sure because almost all of his teeth have been ground down or broken. He is low energy and is looking for a soft bed, some good food and lots of ear scratches and belly rubs to make up for lost time. We are looking for a home to spoil him rotten and treat him like a prince.


  • Breed:Large, MALE