Meet Clover. Shes a lively little pitbull puppy who found herself in a bad situation at the tender age of 8 weeks old.  You see – Clover had an autoimmune disease called puppy strangles.  It causes the face to swell up and around the mouth and eyes.  It is easily treatable with medication and good nutrition.  It appears her forever owners did not want to make the investment in her wellbeing – so instead of taking her to the vet – they took her to a very busy shelter.

Good thing our friend at the shelter told us about her and we got her out of the shelter immediately and to our vet.  She is now about 3 months old and fully recovered.  She is ready for her forever home.

Clover is a happy go lucky girl who does not let anything get her down. The world is truly her oyster.  She is curious and playful. Clover has puppy energy and needs a person that is willing to exercise her and take her to puppy class.  Shes good with other dogs, crate trained and walks well on leash.

For more information on adopting her please email:

Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.