Matzo Ball

Meet Matzo Ball. This big, sweet and goofy girl was found as a stray in a parking lot in a rural area. Nobody claimed her as theirs and now she is safe with us. She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly. She is good with other dogs and is looking for … Continued


Meet Mahki. This 4 month old Italian Greyhound, Chihuahua, cattle dog mix (best guess) is the happiest guy on the block. He LOVES other dogs, eating and playing. He is what is referred to as a velcro dog and he is happiest when he is near his human. He is about 15 lbs now and … Continued


Meet Liam. This velvety soft, black Pitbull mix puppy was brought to the shelter in a cardboard box along with the rest of his litter. Liam was the smallest of his litter (about 1/2 the size of his littermate) and had some skin issues that we needed to resolve before we could put him up … Continued


Meet Muneca. She was found in a parking lot by a good Samartian – most likely dumped by a backyard breeder because she had an injury that left her blind. Our vet was able to remove her bad eye but she does not have vision in the other eye. HOWEVER – that does not stop … Continued


Meet Quinn. This sweet girl haas had a horrible start. Someone tied a belt around her mouth. When she found the belt had been removed but horrible damage had been done. Not only that she had two types of tick borne illnesses. She has had one surgery to repair the top part of her muzzle … Continued


Meet Tally. She’s a 3 month old terrier mix who fought a battle with Parvo and won. She’s a typical playful goofy puppy who is about 4 lbs. We think she will around 10 lbs or so at maturity. She would do best with another gentle, playful dog.


Meet Powwow. This 6 month old shepherd husky mix was turned into the shelter where he waited for over a month. He was adopted and retuned for “chewing things”… yah. Duh. He’s a puppy. Anyways – he is safe with us know and loving life in his foster home. He is good with dogs and … Continued


Meet Sharky. He is a 3 year old husky mix who spent 7 weeks at the shelter waiting for someone to notice him – but nobody did. The shelter staff reached out to us because she knew he was a sensitive soul who needed a little extra help. He started losing weight at the shelter. … Continued


Meet Boogie.This two year old, #belgianmalinois #shepherdmix spent the first part of his life living on someone’s industrial property. They had hoped he would be a guard dog but at the end of the day, he’s really just a big, goofy puppy. A kind person saw him in the back of the property and noticed how skinny and … Continued