Harold and Maude

Meet Harold and Maude. This bonded pair was rescued by our friend Miranda Cosgrove. She found them walking the streets together and we suspect they were used as breeding pair. After a careful search – no owner stepped forward. Now they are spayed/neutered, chipped and vaccinated and have had a dental. They will have a … Continued


Meet Mickey. This adorable Boston Terrier Pitbull mix was saved from the desert with an embedded collar. Luckily we caught it early and he will recover with out medical intervention. This spunky, happy go lucky guy would do well in a home with another dog. He is crate trained and walks nicely on leash. He … Continued


Meet Mishka. This gorgeous 11 month old husky mix was in the rain as a stray. She had a bad skin infection and needed entropian surgery for both eyes (caused by a genetic defect that caused her eye lids to curl under). Now she is fully healed from all of that and ready for a … Continued


Meet Onyx. She’s our “bonus chihuahua” who came to us from the same property as our little pug family. She was terrified when she first arrived, but she’s made so much progress and has decided that humans are actually A-OK in her book. She’s good with dogs and great with cats. We think she’s about … Continued


Did you ever want your very own Bixie? Meet Dixie! This 1.5-year-old #shihtzu #terrier mix was surrendered to us because she ended up being too much for a grandma in the house. She’s a friendly little girl that does well with dogs, cats and kids. She is house trained and walks well on leash and … Continued

Destiny’s Child

Meet Destiny’s child. These 3 orphaned puppies came to us through a friend of a friend. They appear to be terrier mixes and one puppy seems to be mostly a chihuahua mix. All three girls are very outgoing and well socialized. They are good with other dogs large and small. We think they will be … Continued


Meet Wilhelm. This guy was found as a stray and its clear he had been on the streets for a long time. His dirty, matted coat and tick infested body tell the story of neglect. But those days are over and he’s about to get a brand new start. Despite his rough past he is … Continued


Meet Pavel. This adorable 5 year old poodle boy weighs about 24 lbs. He was surrendered to the shelter after his owners purchased a dog from a backyard breeder and no longer wanted Pavel inside the house. He waited outside and scratched at the door wanting to come in and they were “annoyed”. Now he … Continued

Ludvig (van Beethoven)

Meet Ludvig. This 4 year old shih tzu Tibetan terrier (??) mix was found as a stray in horrible shape. He was dirty and matted and needed a dental and to have his allergies treated. Now that has all been done – he is feeling better. After about one hour with him we figured out … Continued