Meet Misa.

This sweet, older dog has had a sad 1st half to her life.  She came into the shelter emaciated, covered with bumps and cuts, her teeth had been broken and many of them ground down (probably from chewing on rocks).  She waited a month at the very busy Riverside Shelter.  During the time she spent there she won over the hearts of staff and volunteers.  When we told them we wanted to rescue her they were overjoyed.

Misa was kenneled with other dogs at the shelter but out of the shelter she showed aggression with another female dog we introduced her to.  She may do fine with male dogs but we have not been able to introduce her to a male dog at this time.  So for that reason we would like for her to be an only dog.

Misa is a mellow dog and so grateful for this second chance she has been given. A soft pat on the head, a bully stick, a stroll around the block with the sun shining on her back.  We know whomever adopts her will be rewarded with undying love and affection.  She really deserves to be spoiled and pampered during her golden years. So please consider adopting this gentle, soulful dog and you will for sure earn some extra good karma points!