Meet Henrietta.

She was surrendered to us because she was being picked on in her previous home and her owners did not have the time or energy to properly introduce her to the other dogs or hire a trainer.  Its ok though – we are happy to have her.

We are not sure what mix she is but we guess she may be 50-55 lbs at maturity. She has a thick soft coat, a subtle underbite and a galaxy of freckles across her nose.  Maybe she is part bulldog?  Maybe part cattle dog?  Maybe part lab? Its so hard to say.  Shes a happy playful puppy and we also think shes pretty smart.  She learned sit in one day.  She is mouthy and a tad bit naughty so she needs a family that will make sure to properly exercise, train and socialize her.

She is spayed, chipped and has one round of puppy shots.

Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.