Meet Henderson. He was found laying on the street…. someone called animal control and he was brought to the shelter.  The shelter did the best they could for him with limited budget and staff but it was clear he was not going to survive another night without serious medical attention.  As soon as we saw his photo we knew we had to help. He is severely emaciated. He weighs just 18 lbs – just half of what a healthy dog his age should weigh.

We rushed him to an emergency vet where he was immediately hooked up to ivs.  We ran a respiratory panel, blood work, X-rays  and fecal tests. He had bacterial pneumonia which we treated at the hospital for a week.  When he got to his foster home – he had trouble putting weight on.  We were not sure if it was a complicated from him being emaciated for so long or something else.

Long story short – he was rushed to the 24 hour vet (again) to have emergency surgery to repair a blocked intestine.  HIs intestines had turned inwards and prevented food from passing.  This explained his occasional vomiting.  He is 3 weeks out of surgery now and up to 30 lbs.  He will be available for adoption at the end of November.