Meet Harlem.

This beautiful boy looked liked he had given up home at a rural shelter.  He sat in his kennel for days hoping someone would notice he was a good boy.  Days turned into weeks and still nobody showed up.  A volunteer went to visit him weekly and asked us if we could help him get out of jail.  We could not say no.

Harlem is a 2 year old Akita, Shepherd, Pitbull mix who is even more handsome in person. He has a beautiful, thick blue coat and hazelnut colored eyes. He is house trained, leash trained and crate trained.  He is good with other dogs and does well with small dogs as well.  He loves car rides and his favorite toy is a yellow duck he got on his very first day of being rescued.  It was probably his first toy ever.

He is a sensitive and gentle dog who deserves a home of his own.  For more information please email us: loveleorescue@gmail.com

Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.