Meet Guava.

She is an mini-pit.  We think shes about 1 year old and shes a mere 42 lbs.  She had a rough start to her life but she does not let that get her down.  We rescued her as a team effort with our friends at Northwest Dog Project from Tijuana.  She had just had a litter of puppies and her owners decided they no longer wanted her.

It looks like she had an old injury to her rear leg that most likely went untreated.  Maybe she was hit by a car?  We dont know for sure but it does not bother her in the least.  She is a very active, loves long walks and hikes.

Shes a very loving girl who loves nothing better than being by your side.  She is always happy to see you and has a wonderful disposition.  She sits patiently by your feet when you are out for lunch with friends and rides well in the car.  She really deserves a family of her own to share her beautiful smile with.

If you would like to add this cheerful dog to your life please email us.

Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life.