Gambit – now Teddy – is out of the shelter. He will have surgery to fix his eyes this coming Friday. Thank you to everyone who sent their happy thoughts his way… It worked. Thank you Canejo Valley Vet for scheduling his surgery so quickly. Thank you to @theshando for offering to help him. Thank you to @katjamg7 For battling the shelter line and chauffeuring him to the vet. And- as usual, thank you Morgan and Tadd for temporarily fostering him during this time.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all!

He is out of surgery !!!

There they are!! His eyes!👀
Gambit probably suffered with entropion for many months, possibly his entire life. Entropion can be very painful and can lead to blindness if not corrected. Imagine, having your eyelashes scratch against your eyeballs all day and all night and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well that is now history for Gambit. He had surgery yesterday and is recovering nicely. Thanks to all the angels behind the scenes this made beautiful before and after possible…


Meet the new and improved Gambit. He’s doing wonderfully after surgery and is a big teddy bear hence his nickname Teddy. He’s cuddly and loving with humans… But now that he can see, he isn’t a fan of other dogs. This is a total bummer because we had a wonderful home lined up for him (but they have another dog). 😕
However, we know the right people are out there. He’s looking for a home with no other 4 legged critters. If you’re interested in this blue boy please email us.