Meet Aly. She is part of Rio’s litter… They were found in a foreclosed house along with their dad (Kevin). A good samaritan brought them to the shelter after seeing what bad shape they were in. The puppies were so hungry they were trying to eat gravel and dirt. Sadly one of the puppies did not make it. The 6 remaining puppies were treated for stubborn upper respiratory infections and are all now – finally – doing well.
The Rio family will be available for adoption in the beginning of October – and we are accepting applications for them now.
We require an application, home check, adoption fee/donation and contract.
Thank you for adopting a dog and saving a life.
Unforuntately we have found out the Aly is blind. Not sure how much she can see, BUT she gets around pretty well by smell and sound. She is going to need alot of love.