Meet Rocco. He was attacked by the neighbors dogs – and if that wasn’t bad enough – his owner then got arrested. A kind hearted rescue friend got him to the vet to have his injuries treated. We offered to cover his bill, get him neutered and vaccinated and join the LLR family.
He is a 5 yr old shepherd mix. He grew up in the same home since he was a puppy and is a real family dog.
Rocco LOVES kids!
He runs alongside a child on bike/scooter/skateboard. He is a perfect gentleman with children and seems to prefer them. He will be an awesome best friend to a child or young person who’s looking for a 4 legged BFF.
Hes good with well balanced dogs however he can be a little pushy with his greetings of very small nervous animals like bunnies or timid dogs.
We’d really like to get this deserving dog into a home ASAP!


  • Breed:MALE
  • Color(s):Black