Latke the parvo puppy

We got a call from our friend that volunteers at the very busy South LA Shelter about a small puppy that had tested positive for Parvo.  Due to the highly contagious nature of the disease they cannot have Parvo positive animals on the property and look for rescues to help with these dogs.  We took one look at her cute face and knew we wanted to help.  We got her to one of the best 24 hour urgent care facilities and they began treatment.  They inserted a feeding tube to make sure she was getting proper nutrition, ran IV fluids as well as a cocktail of antibiotics.  Parvo is a tricky disease because it change on a daily basis.

Luckily Latke had a big fight in her tiny puppy body and after 4 days of hospitalization she was released to a foster home.  She continued to get stronger by day and then was ready for her forever home.  The couple that ended up adopting her had their new rescue dogs name picked up before they meet her. And – that name was LATKE.  What are the odds?  We knew this was more than a coincidence and this was the perfect forever home for her.

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